This is the Breastfeeding 101 class you want: unfiltered, uncensored,
evidence-based, in a small group setting so I can answer all your questions.

Join me as we discuss:

Advantages of Breastfeeding
Basic Breast Anatomy
The Birth-Breastfeeding Continuum
Normal Newborn Behavior
Latching & Positioning
Sleep and Nighttime Parenting
Maternal Mental Health for Breastfeeding Parents
Getting the MOST Milk
Learning to Talk Baby
Pumping & Expressing Milk

PLUS lots of breastfeeding tips and tricks to get you off to the best start so you can meet your infant feeding goals.

This custom-designed class features beautiful images of local families, generously shared for educational purposes, along with videos and hands-on learning with props, dolls, and other learning materials. Each participant will take home a Sunshine Lactation toolkit so you’ll be prepared when your baby arrives.

Ticket includes two seats – one for you, one for your partner, doula, friend, or whomever you’d like to bring – and three hours (with a break for refreshments) of learning about breastfeeding with me, Jess Willis, IBCLC.

I have been working with breastfeeding families for nearly ten years, first as a La Leche League Leader, then as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Let my knowledge and experience help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Space is extremely limited for these classes so please reserve your seats early.